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Laurie J. Lemke was elected Gaines Charter Township Treasurer in November 2008. She is the official township banker. Laurie prints and mails the tax bills and collects the summer and winter property tax payments.  She in turn disburses these funds to the taxing authorities listed on each tax bill.

Laurie was awarded Michigan Certified Public Treasurer in April 2011 by the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association. In July of 2014 she also received her Certified Public Finance Administrator credentials from the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada.  These certifications were earned after intensive training at the annual Treasurer's Institute held at Central Michigan University.  Certifications are issued to treasurers who complete three consecutive years of training in detailed instruction in Public & Government Finance, Internal Controls, Political Science, State Laws and Regulations, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Ethics, Budgeting and Debt Management courses.

“I feel honored to receive these certifications.  This valuable training has allowed me to better serve the residents of our township and help manage our day to day operations more efficiently.

Laurie serves on the Gaines Charter Township Board and has a vote on important issues that face her township. She also serves on the Dutton Fire, Park & Trails Committees, and Chairs the annual Heritage Festival held in October each year.

Please feel free to contact the Treasurer's office with any questions or concerns at:

Laurie Lemke, MiCPT, CPFA
  Township Treasurer

Jenna Pilkington
  Deputy Treasurer


2019 Adopted Budget

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Property Tax Information

Property taxes are based on the taxable value of a property multiplied by the millage rates set by the various taxing units.

July 1, the SUMMER TAX BILL becomes a lien on the property and is due and payable without interest until September 14th. 1% interest per month, or fraction of a month, is added to the taxes after the due date.  On February 15, a 3% penalty is also added to all unpaid bills. The Summer Tax bill collects the tax levies for Byron or Caledonia or Kentwood Schools (depending where in the Township the property is located, Grand Rapids Community College, Kent Intermediate School District, State Education Tax, and Kent County Operating Tax.

On December 1, the WINTER TAX BILL becomes a lien on the property and is due and payable without penalty until February 14th. A 3% penalty is added to the taxes after the due date. The WINTER TAX BILL collects the tax levies for Byron, Caledonia or Kentwood Schools debt (depending where in the Township the property is located), Kent County Jail, Veterans and Senior Programs, Gaines Charter Township, and Kent District Library.  Where applicable, drain assessments, Street Light Assessments, delinquent sewer/water usage bills, and delinquent special assessments will be included.

The SUMMER and WINTER BILLS do not cover specific months, but rather collect different taxes due to the entire year.
The owner of record will always receive a tax bill.  The owner receives the statement so that 1) the owner knows how much the taxes are, 2) the owner knows if a mortgage company has requested a copy of the tax bill, 3) the owner may need the information to file income tax returns.

If property taxes are ESCROWED, the mortgage company must request a copy of the tax bill for each tax season.  If the mortgage company has requested a copy, the mortgage company's name will appear on the left side of the bill, just below the perforation.  If no bank information appears and taxes are escrowed, the property owner should forward a copy of the tax bill to their mortgage company.

Pay my taxes

Tax Payment Information

  • Make checks payable to Gaines Charter Township

  • Mail to:  8555 Kalamazoo Ave., SE                                                                                                                                        Caledonia, MI 49316
  • We do not accept postmarks as payment dates
  • Pay in person with cash, check or credit card during Treasurer Hours;                                                                                  Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
          To be directed to on line credit card tax payments click here.
  • Convenience fee charges by our provider are:
    • Credit/Debit Card ~ Approximately 3%
    • Check Account Payments ~ $1.50

Tax, Property, Utility & Building Permit Information

We have provided a link to BS&A software so that you can look up information pertaining to real property, special assessments, tax payments (current and history), water and sewer  accounts, and building permits. Please click here to be redirected to the BS&A website

Millage Rates

The Treasurer collects your property taxes and distributes them to the various taxing authorities itemized on your tax bill.

Tax revenues collected by the Township are used to pay for 24/7 police protection as well as a full-time community police officer.  The Township fire protection is provided to you by the Cutlerville & Dutton Fire Departments and is funded by the Township.

Other services the Township provides its residents is public sidewalk maintenance, summer recreation program, Gaines Library building maintenance, the annual Heritage Festival held in Prairie Wolf Park, public transportation, and planning and zoning services to name a few.

Below you will find a chart with the millage rates.  Actual winter tax bills could vary from these rates due to a special assessments or a delinquent water and sewer bill.

2018 Millage rates 2     

Calculating your Tax

To calculate your property tax, use the formula (Taxable Value x Millage Rate = Tax).  Use the link provided below to determine your millage rate.  Just find your school district, look down for the millage rate with Principal Residence Exemption or without Principal Residence Exemption, whichever applies to your property.    

The taxable value of your property is determined by a formula and, in most cases, is limited by the rate of inflation.  This number is calculated by the assessor and is reported to you on your assessment change notice, mailed in February.   If you do not agree with your assessment, you will need to request a change from the Board of Review.  You must contact the Gaines Charter Township Assessor early to request the change; the Board of Review meets early in March and an appointment is required.

The millage rate is the total number of mills being levied divided by 1,000.  Millage rates are calculated in the spring for the summer collection and in the fall for the winter collection.  Millage rates vary from year to year due to a number of factors.  Significant increases in millage rates are the result of voter approval, while decreases are often due to the expiration of a previously approved millage.

Property Tax Estimator and Millage Rates
from the Michigan Tax Department of Treasury

This approximate figure may not represent most current information. 
Gaines Charter Township is not responsible or liable for any amounts of information provided.

enhanced property tax pie chart

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Deferment of Summer Property Taxes

Provided by Act 97 P.A. 1992 certain qualifying taxpayers may defer the payment of their 2017 summer taxes until February 14, 2018.  Taxes may be deferred on a homestead if household income did not exceed $40,000 in 2016 and the taxpayer qualifies as defined in the General Property Tax Act as one or more of the following:

  • Citizen, 62 years or older
  • Paraplegic, Hemiplegic or Quadriplegic
  • Eligible Serviceman, Eligible Veteran  or
  • Eligible widow or widower
  • Blind Person
  • Totally and permanently disabled
Taxes may also be deferred for certain agricultural properties which meet the specific requirements of the Act.

Application for deferment and additional information are available at the Treasurer's office.  Application must be filed by September 15, 2017. Click here or contact the Treasurer's Office for an Application of Deferment of Summer Tax.

Gaines Charter Township Treasurer

Principle Residence Exemption

Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) is the place you own and occupy as your permanent home; and contiguous parcels of land qualify. Occupy means this is your principal residence; the place that you intent to return to whenever you go away.

It should be the address that appears on your driver's license and voter registration card.

Also available is a Conditional PRE and an Active Military PRE.


Dog Licenses

 As of January 1st 2019 Dog Tags will no longer be available from the Township. Dog Licenses may be purchased online at under the online services tab.  You may also call 616-632-7300 for information to renew by mail.

  Most application forms and permits are in PDF Format  gr smallpdf  and require the FREE Adobe® Acrobat® Reader available from the Adobe website.
Gaines Charter Township maintains this web-site to enhance public access to information.  Content is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as certified, unless so stated.

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