Do you need a Burn Permit?

Burning Ordinance gr smallpdf AMENDED OCTOBER 2017  MAP gr smallpdf


The burning of flammable waste material is not permitted in Sections 5,6,7,8 and 18 of the Township, during the months of September, October or November.  This area is identified as North of 76th Street and West of Kalamazoo Avenue to Division ~ AND ~ the mile bordered by 84th Street, Eastern Ave., 76th Street and Division Avenue.

Burning of garbage, plastic, styrofoam, or any other synthetic material or other hazardous materials be is strictly prohibited in the Township.  This ban also includes rubber or rubber based material (such as, but not limited to, rubber tires); regardless of the method of burning used.

Additionally, the burning of leaves and/or grass clippings will not be allowed at any time.



Burn Permits may be obtained, at no cost, from Chief Paul Sheely:


616-541-0119 (Station)
616-813-8124 (Cell)




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