Gaines Charter Township Parks & Trails




The Parks and Recreation Committee is steered by Chairperson Dana Lehmann and Vice Chairperson Lani Thomas. Dana has been very active in promoting Township Parks and Trails through Cutlerville Days, grant application and community involvement. Lani joined the Parks and Trails Committee in 2005 and joined the Gaines Charter Township Planning Commission in May of 2006.

The Parks and Trails Committee continues to invite resident involvement in acquiring funds and maintaining Township parks. The Committee was unable to secure a grant applied for in 2007 from the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources for the development of Prairie Wolf Park.

The Committee will continue to seek and implement other methods of fundraising for Prairie Wolf Park.  If you are interested in a volunteering, or becoming a member of the “Friends of Gaines Township Parks and Trails” please contact Kim at (616) 698-6640,  Parks and Trails, or stop by Township Hall.

Suggestions are welcome - please contact: Parks and Trails.