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The Gaines Charter Township office staff is here to assist you.  We have provided instructions for reporting code violations, street light outages, road hazards and graffiti.  If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact the office staff for assistance.  Please remember ~  for all emergencies dial 911.

Township Office
8555 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Caledonia, MI 49316-8270

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Phone: 616.698.6640
Fax: 616.698.2490
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Office Hours :  Monday-Friday 8:30AM thru 5:00PM

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Code Violation

Most people would agree; Gaines Charter Township is a great place to live. Its suburban lifestyle, combined with urban amenities and careful planning for growth contribute to its high quality of life.

In order to maintain that high quality of life, Township ordinances are put in place to balance the rights of the individual with the needs and rights of other citizens. Citizens typically become aware of code requirements when they feel something is negatively affecting their own home or neighborhood and they seek to change it. 

Please either stop by, call (616-698-6640), or email the Gaines Charter Township Office with any questions and or concerns you may have.


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Street Light Outage

 Where do I call when a street light is out?

Consumers Energy 1-800-477-5050 or visit the Consumers Energy website to report a street light problems.

How to Report Graffiti

Any and all graffiti should be reported to the Gaines Charter Township Community Outreach Officer, Krystal  Stuart.  In working with area merchants and the community in general, Officer Brunner has asked the if at all possible, a picture of the graffiti be taken (i.e. via a cell phone camera).  The Kent County Sheriff Department has officers who are experts in interpreting the graffiti.  Points to remember:

  • Report any and all graffiti
  • Never cover up graffiti (even if it is offensive) until a picture has been taken
  • If you feel the message is threatening, dial 911

Gaines Township Community Outreach Officer

Community Policing

Jason VanderMolen

Deputy Jason VanderMolen


DIAL 911
For Non-Emergency/after hours: